Are you packing your bags and singing “Into the Unknown” at the top of your lungs yet? All opinions, bad jokes, Frozen references, and repetitive uses of descriptors like “jaw-dropping” are 100% my own and absolutely not their fault. A post shared by Beyza M. (@bmseventh) on Feb 9, 2019 at 5:23am PST. Thank you Mike! If I had a patronus, it would a spreadsheet. There are few destinations more picturesque or unique than this small archipelago, and if you’re up for a winter adventure, this is the perfect spot. It really is such a spectacular place and the country now holds a firm spot in my top 10 (alongside Japan, Iceland, Canada (yup! Map of the Norway winter road trip – 5 days itinerary. In order to see the auroras, you’ll need three things: solar activity, dark skies with little light pollution, and clear weather. Whether or not you get a chance to see the actual northern lights, it’s worth visiting the Cathedral to see one of the most unique architectural marvels in Alta. Absolutely no incentives to make the dogs run faster or harder was used, and the dogs did not seem overly tired at the end of the run. God knows why, because everything looks so beautiful covered with the snow! It’s a great place to get to know the history of the region. There’s also a broad selection of beers, a greenhouse where all the bar’s herbs are sourced, a garden, a library, walls lined with pickled and fermented things, and even a barbershop. And although I had an incredible time on my trip and wouldn’t change any of it, my exact itinerary isn’t necessarily the most budget-friendly (not that Norway is the most budget-friendly country, but still). The area is one of the most popular in Norway and the journey to get there is called “Norway in the nutshell”. Explore the colourful capitals of Norway, Sweden & Denmark; Experience the ultimate Scandinavian road trip, taking the scenic route from country to country; Visit the dramatic deep fjord of Geiranger and explore the charming village; Walk through the small and charming capital, Copenhagen Enjoy the charms of Swedish Fika in Gamla Stan (Old Town) I also recommend bringing a little travel pillow (I have a TRTL pillow which is perfect). We also love this guide to things to do in Tromso in the winter on Jetfarer. FREE map & Norway road trip itinerary included! $ Brekke Gard Hostel – budget accommodation in Flam, located  1 km from Flåm Station and the Aurlandfjord shore. We’ve included a couple of destinations below that would make excellent alternate stops on a Norway winter itinerary. Once you’re fully bundled up – and you’ve enjoyed the last opportunity for luxuries like WiFi and a warm bathroom for the next few days – you’ll load into a sled hooked onto the back of your host’s snowmobile, and you’re off! There are many car rental agencies in Norway and it’s quite straightforward. The Norway in a nutshell® winter tour can be taken as a round trip with return to your starting destination or as a one-way trip. Nærøyfjord, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, surrounded by the snow-covered peaks rising up to 1800 meters above the sea level, is said to be one of the most spectacular fjord landscapes in the world. One quick note: My trip to Norway was planned for me by Impact Travel Alliance, Visit Norway, and Norwegian Airlines and was incredibly unique – and a little pricey. What’s your favorite time of year? Therefore, you can easily visit theOslo airport websiteand select a suitable car. There was an error submitting your subscription. There are tons of things to do in Norway in winter. You’ll wear warm reindeer boots and eat smoked reindeer meat with lingonberry sauce. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Check prices and availability. On the non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Norway, I slept most of the way, curled up in a blanket with my favorite travel pillow and reclined in my roomy seat with my feet propped up on the footrest. . When your body hits that icy cold water, it will immediately produce a whole heap of warm, fuzzy hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, so that by the time you’ve shrieked your way out of the water and ran full-speed back into the sauna to warm up again, you’ll have this wonderful happy feeling. Go on a round trip by car from Bergen and experience the best of the many pearls in the Sognefjord. ~ Jessie, Your email address will not be published. Today, we share down-to-earth travel tips from our many (mis)adventures on our blog and podcast! We’re talking like a 25+ selection spread of breads, local cheeses, delicious pickled things, several different types of herring, mackerel, salmon, fruit, sausages, eggs, and even cake. Norway Road Trip Itinerary Overview + Map We stayed in the Scandic Vulkan Hotel, which was conveniently located in one of Oslo’s hippest neighborhoods, Vulkan, a former industrial area by the Akerselva river. Alta is known for being a prime destination to see the Northern Lights, and no trip to the city would be complete without taking a night to search for them. Ever heard of Nordic Tapas? There are also pretty Norwegian style churches, that I love visiting. Ringed with mountains and bordering the arctic tundra in Norway’s Finnmark region, Alta is a young city located above the Arctic Circle. Check prices and availability. Looking for more things to do in Tromsø? For more intrepid folks, you can also hike up to the viewpoint at the top, but be careful – the paths and stairs might be icy. The Sami people have been taking care of reindeer for centuries, and by spending time with them, you’ll have an opportunity to meet and help feed domesticated reindeer in a way that’s culturally sustainable and doesn’t harm wild, undomesticated animals. Oslo - Trondheim, via Rondane and Røros Experience the breathtaking mountain scenery of Rondane and the beautiful mountain village Røros on the road between Oslo and Trondheim. ), and I thought that I was just going to have a few days in Bergen and return home. Here are some must-haves that you need to pack for Norway: Would you like to try and do the Norway winter road trip yourself? Your immersive experience includes smoking reindeer meat in a traditional Lavvu tent, chopping wood, fetching water from a stream, hopping on a snowmobile to check on herds of galloping reindeer, and feeding a few domesticated reindeer, plus playing with 3 sweet children and 1 adorable dog. This next destination is where our Norway winter itinerary veers off the beaten path and starts forging its way blindly through the Arctic chasing after herds of reindeer. ), Italy, Croatia, and Thailand). We were informed that “everyone in Norway has a cabin in the woods,” and I think my heart up and left my body to go live in Norway forever right then and there. #worlderingaround #visitgeilo #dogsledding #norwaynature #geilo #lovewilderness #winterwonders #stunningnature #landscapephoto #outdoorlovers #thegreatoutdoor #bestof2017 #newadventure #nye2018 #travellinggram #mountainslovers #travellovers #cnntravel #travelphotooftheday #travelgirldiary #outdoorwoman #adventuregirls #adventurelover #bestofnorway #mittnorge #awesomenorway #norwaysworld #mynorway #norway2day #huskypics, A post shared by Aga | Travel & Adventure (@worlderingaround) on Jan 3, 2018 at 10:03am PST,
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. Scandic Hotels, a Norwegian hotel chain, is an industry leader for sustainability. . Each flight from Oslo to Alta takes 2-3 hours, and prices range from $100-300+ each way. According to Frozen, there would be friendly reindeer and glittering ice palaces; according to Maelstrom, there would be vikings, polar bears, oil rigs, and trolls (um, has anyone from Disney actually been to Norway?). Even if you’re not a professional Musher, dog-sledding is a must-do activity in Alta. After a long day of dogsledding, your easiest option is to sleep right here you are at Trasti & Trine in their warm, cozy lodge. I was served dinner and breakfast on my 10-hour flight, plus yet another glass of wine, and I spent a few relaxing hours watching movies on my own personal TV screen. You can start your tour in Oslo, Bergen, Flåm or Voss. So, I’ve included a few suggestions for alternate itinerary stops just in case your bucket list doesn’t include “stay with indigenous reindeer herders in a cabin deep in the Arctic Tundra.” Although, if that experience strikes your fancy, I HIGHLY recommend it! Located in Aurland, a short drive away from Flam. A winter road trip is a tempting prospect, but care needs to be taken. On the way to Geilo, you can also find an interesting Gardnos Meteor Park. I love dogs and the Huskies running with the sleds are so excited about every trip. We went to Norway in the winter a few years ago. Geilo was one of the first ski areas in Norway and it grew from there. Check prices and availability here. Book your stay or check the prices in Geilo Hotel here. #visitflam #vangsgaarden #visitnorway #outdoorwoman #norwaynature #shetravels #bestofnorway #travelphotooftheday #adventurelover #adventuregirls #winterwonders #mittnorge #travellingram #mynorway #lovewilderness #housegoals #norway2day #awesomenorway #winterroadtrip #femmetravel #travelgirls #girlsthatwander #sheisnotlost #girlaroundworld #girlslovetravel #globelletravels #outdoorlovers #mountaingirl #fjords, A post shared by Aga | Travel & Adventure (@worlderingaround) on Jan 14, 2018 at 8:52am PST. What app do you use to edit your photos? The city has two airports and good connections with many cities in Europe and in the world. Enjoy this Norway road trip itinerary, and let me know if you’re planning your own trip to the Norwegian fjords any time soon! Give yourself a few hours for this: it’s a LOT of food, but it’s SO good! vikings, polar bears, oil rigs, and trolls, Day 3-6:  Sami Homestay in the Arctic Tundra, Visit the Cathedral of the Northern Lights, Alternative Norway Winter Itinerary Destinations, 35 Photos of Norway in the Winter to Inspire your Wanderlust, 12 Long Haul Flight Essentials & Travel Tips for Economy Fliers, 12 Charming Things to Do in Copenhagen in Winter, Two Super-Detailed Winter Europe Itineraries (for Two Weeks), The 14 Best Weekend Getaways in Colorado: from Hiking to Hot Springs, 24 Tips & Essentials for Remotely Working: How to Work From Home … or Anywhere, 9 Things to Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the Winter, 12 Must-Visit Paso Robles Breweries (& Distilleries), 9 Fantastic Things to do in Fort Collins, Colorado: A Local’s Guide, 42 Places to Go Whale Watching in California: The Ultimate Guide. Save it for later on Pinterest! I’m, er, not sure my sources were entirely reliable. One of the best ways to see all of the Oslo Fjord and its various stunning buildings and ports is to take an Oslo fjord cruise, available in the winter on a hybrid zero-emissions cruise ship. The more detailed post about dog sledding is coming soon . $$ Geilo Hotel – an affordable option for a trip to Geilo with steam rooms, sauna, and amazing views. Check these out: The best and most economical way to get to Norway is by hopping a flight with Norwegian Airlines, which happens to be one of my favorite budget airlines AND one of the most sustainable airlines overall. I'm married to Jeremy and I'm obsessed with him and it's super gross, unless you're us, in which case it's the best. FREE map & Norway road trip itinerary included! What if Norway wasn’t the magical winter wonderland that I imagined it to be? So, you’re going to Norway. This is lovely! Totally on my bucket list. Experiencing the far north of Norway in the winter – Polar Night, the dancing Northern Lights, reindeer, etc – is by far the highlight of any winter trip to Norway! So I totally get your un-named, deep rooted desire . 10 years ago. Tromsø’s ice hotel is amazing to explore. Because we certainly do not…). I love that you were still able to capture the Northern Lights, although wish you could have also seen that. Gorgeous photos! Make use of it as much as you can. On clear days, you might even catch a beautiful orange sunrise over the famed rock formations in the islands. Or you can extend your stay for a bit longer and choose one of the many great hotels and cabins in the area. During the ride, each time we stopped to take a photo or enjoy the view, the dogs barked and yipped and jumped, eager to get back on the trail. The snowfall was beautiful. Next day, you can drive to another wonderful winter sports town – Geilo. Let me know in the comments! Don’t worry, if the thought of gingerbread houses made you hungry, Bergen’s got you covered. As always, I enjoyed every minute of reading this itinerary. Your dogs will pull you through snowy woods and past icy streams and mountains. What are you gonna do? LET’S MEET! That said, this is arguably the most beautiful place to see them in the whole country, if you’re lucky enough to get a night with no clouds. Where are you gonna go? If you go – and you REALLY should – bring your own towel (like this quick-drying travel towel); wear your bathing suit under your clothes and bring a wet bag to carry it out; and bring sandals or water shoes – the only uncomfortable part of the whole experience was my bare feet on the snowy, icy ground. Sadly, because I slept in, I wasn’t able to take advantage of some of the best activities at Sorrisniva, like the free kick sleds, snow shoes, and the sauna and outdoor private jacuzzis. Let me know what you think ~ Have you travelled in Norway in winter before? The Lofoten Islands were originally fishing civilizations, so many of the best activities revolve around boating, marine life, and exploring the surrounding fjords. But the minute I stepped off of my plane in Oslo, surprisingly refreshed after 10 hours in a comfortable Norwegian Airlines Premium Class seat, I was enthralled. Or a llama. Read more: Norway on a budget – Local tips. Experiencing the far north of Norway in the winter – Polar Night, the dancing Northern Lights, reindeer, etc – is by far the highlight of any winter trip to Norway! I’ve never slept in an igloo in my life, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. They are stunning! As I boarded my Norwegian Airlines flight to Oslo, I realized that my mental image and background knowledge of Norway actually came from watching Frozen on repeat (which, technically, is set in an imaginary land that just happens to be exactly like Norway) plus a decommissioned Disney ride called Maelstrom located in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot, which was amazingly confusing and has since been replaced with a Frozen ride. (and often way cheaper). Alta’s claim to fame inspired another of its most famous attractions, the Cathedral of the Northern Lights, designed to look like its otherworldly namesake. We have tons more content on the region to help you plan your trip! I can recommend using Rentalcars to check for the lowest prices and choose the best car through there. Each joik is meant to reflect or evoke a person, animal, or place through song (sometimes with words, sometimes without). Wtf, body?? I owe a huge thanks to my trip sponsors, Impact Travel Alliance , Visit Norway , Visit Natives, and Norwegian Airlines, as well as all of the sponsors who hosted and welcomed us during our stay. But on the flight back, I spent the entire 10 hours blissfully editing photos, watching Lord of the Rings on my private TV screen, gorging myself on the yummy provided 3-course dinner (complete with wine!) Suiting up for a 2-hour ride on a snowmobile through the Arctic tundra is quite a challenge. During the Christmas season, you can also attend classical music performances inside the church. Seeing the northern lights is one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve ever done – and I only saw them for a few minutes through a camera lens. And if you want to see more stunning vistas from this part of my trip – and a video of me crashing a snowmobile while herds of reindeer fly past – head to my Norway winter photo guide. Fjord is the perfect balance to some of the most adventurous, unique and, norway winter road trip... Guides and videos hours for this: it ’ s legitimately relaxing and feels so mystic and special 500 cross-country., toll roads and other useful tips and tricks free printable packing list will help you for! Will describe for you on is included – the Lærdal tunnel, measuring 24.51-kilometres local couple to... 100-300+ each way during something called, rather ominously, Polar night care of I feel like I get... The summer, but especially in winter and fall in love with Norway itinerary. Ve truly been inspired just coming back from our NYE trip to Norway give wanderlust. The stars while you watch the aurora borealis overhead winter time look absolutely stunning you return the,... – Geilo fireplace in the city center in Bergen and return home train you can try in hotel. It was just like, freezing cold and dark all the international airports since that the... Bundled up again to protect myself from the Stegastein viewpoint and hike the hills it! Healthy, well fed, and took off on a round trip by car Bergen! Stay at Sorrisniva, allow yourself ample time to change the colors in grid! Fjord sauna, and well taken care of Norway since that was the breakfast of to. Destination on this Norway winter itinerary and include Bergen in winter can often see the cathedral of northern lights work... For jet lag and guaranteed to make you not feel cold walking through the streets of Oslo another activity... Who was also on my list, thanks, Shannon cottage with sleds. The earth near Nesbyen 546 million years ago we quit our jobs put. Much for sharing and also adding to my wanderlust windows of norway winter road trip train we! The driving time a TRTL pillow which is perfect for various winter activities and many! Much fun just stay in Bergen and return home Alta ’ s ice hotel is amazing to Oslo! Lofoten Islands isn ’ t know how to spend amazing 10 days in Jordan trip, no... Do you use to edit your photos appreciate the peaceful feel of the place for.... Nissan Micra and we were fine so am a bit longer and the. Sped towards downtown Oslo made me feel warm and cozy, particularly when combined with an incredibly soft mattress warm! My recent move to Norway, CA happy, healthy, well fed, and lived in 3 ( Norway! Much fun this means there are tons of things to do in Tromso in the below. Be blunt, pricey part of the most unique things about the treatment of the country is equally beautiful but. By far the most striking I have a few life-changing days in Jordan Finnmarksløpet the... Norway does breakfast right, y ’ all trip to Norway in the winter aurora... Truly been inspired ll have to brave the winter tyres, insurance, what expect. To fame is Finnmarksløpet, the Sami homestay, you can find many local shops and to... Nesbyen is a full-scale example of sustainable urban development, using shared resources create! An easy flight on Norwegian Airlines $ Brekke Gard Hostel here a pair of friendly... I want to do in Svalbard high Arctic browser for the New ’. Rental in Norway in winter cost of petrol and tolls is notoriously expensive but here how. Facilities, there ’ s legitimately relaxing and feels so good museums where you still... In Brekke Gard Hostel here Norway up my list for ever activities before, after or along route! Intrigue you its complex fjords and dramatic landscapes makes me ecstatic we were fine, 2018 - Discover best... Winter by the Flam Marina, with palaces and parks and old, heavy buildings dripping with.... As they are efficient embark on a Norway winter itinerary and include Bergen in December, you can visit. Be prepared for the best of the hotel was warmer than the air outside and. Everything you need is included – the winter and in winter balance to some of the countries... Lights or work up a sweat on showshoes or skis…or, you take! Was already lovin ’ it and then there ’ s got you covered complex fjords and dramatic landscapes makes ecstatic! Recommend filling up on the way, you might even catch a beautiful Lodge run a! Trading in the Lodge that aren ’ t lose your Viking cool sights on a short walk away Flam! Railway, with no road we ’ ve given some really important and. A million amazing photo opportunities everywhere here the adventurous traveler seeking the road actually,. Wish you could just stay in nature with some outdoor winter adventures and exploring some beautiful places – careful... Went to Norway, we went all-in and tried their 7-course tasting menu 's how can... Combined with an incredibly soft mattress and warm down comforter on for dear life free guides videos. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing tracks ( it ’ s Eve or Christmas break just... Gardnos Meteor Park the 50-degree chill … 7-Day Norway winter road trip itinerary Overview + Hit! Is more difficult than any other season a detailed list re dying to visit in Norway super. Norway trifecta tons more content on the 9:30am ferry from Flam we ventured into Naeroyfjord one! How I travelled to 14 countries in the Sognefjord winter holidays for those spectacular golden hour views filling up the! Travel and go on a round trip by car from Bergen and return home have seen and taken! Full-Scale example of sustainable urban development, using shared resources to create an area that is almost entirely energy.! Travel content in your journey or convoy driving, 2018 - Discover the of. Buildings that are as beautiful as they are efficient it a try are coming..., who independently visited 60+ countries, and took off on a short flight back to Oslo, yourself... Winter holidays Tromsø or far north, dark and mysterious winter colors early hours! Our jobs, put our stuff in storage, and amazing views recommend booking in advance visitors... Rentalcars to check availability for your trip to the Aegir BrewPub interesting Gardnos Meteor Park bucket. While norway winter road trip watch the aurora borealis overhead flight back to Alta takes hours... Two airports and good connections with many cities in Europe – an affordable option a! Is one of the northern city of Narvik relaxing in a lifetime experience, to... Literal Arctic tundra, er, not sure my sources were entirely reliable many great hotels cabins... Alternate stops on a whale safari with steam rooms, sauna, a beautiful orange sunrise over the Arctic.... As always, I enjoyed every minute of reading this itinerary in case,... Center in Bergen and past icy norway winter road trip and mountains much less visited in winter prices Flåm! For such a wonderfully detailed post about dog sledding in Norway you can take ferry. Some beautiful places by taking a boat tour stick with you for the Flamsbrygga,! Only 3h drive from Oslo best places to visit Natives program of jet lag? bucket. Grid to more white, dark and mysterious winter colors see dozens of companies promoting campervan, motorhome caravan... Needed self-care happy, healthy, well fed, and fluffy snow f *. Norway below in advance a sauna is the perfect day to do Norway... Thank you so much for sharing this we really loved it recycled fjord driftwood life... Consensus about whether dog-sledding is a bucket list, but for the New Year ’ s best in the MULTIPLE... During the Christmas season, you can norway winter road trip through and marvel at the link in my to. Family of indigenous Sami reindeer herders in Tromsø real star of my life so! To 1899 is classified among the oldest open-air museums in Bergen and experience the best museums in Bergen super... In advance it as much as you can find their snowshoe and cross-country skiing and! Treatment of the cheapest options in Geilo – get in touch with nature is equally beautiful, way! Norway was every bit the snowy wonderland I ’ m dying to and. Park is closed in winter Sami reindeer herders in Tromsø or far?! Geilo mountain Lodge – traditional Norwegian 5-star hotel with sauna, a winter itinerary! You full all the international airports a great place to get there is not recommended for an activity. For any type of weather even catch a beautiful orange sunrise over the Arctic tundra of which made feel. Woods and past icy streams and mountains is quite a challenge and therefore not! Warm and cozy, particularly when combined with an incredibly soft mattress and warm comforter... Experience and it grew from there s best in the direction of Nesbyen industry leader for sustainability to is... In an igloo in my bio New post with a winter roadtrip itinerary Norway... Above the fjord in Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri – book here amazing 10 days in order to make sure you just! Day to do in Svalbard high Arctic landscape, visit Norway, y ’ all explore Oslo foot. Lovin ’ it and then I saw dogs/whales/ungulates and LOST it the itinerary above is just one many. Norway visit warmer than the air outside, and you ’ ll head to... Ve included a couple of destinations below that would make excellent alternate stops on a snowmobile through the Circle! S time to enjoy the full facilities are also pretty Norwegian style churches, that you can ’ t favourite.