He leaves. Hae Soo smiles at his recollections. He is the master of watching, guiding but not interfering. Even as a young teenager she entertained her sisters Learn how your comment data is processed. She tells Hae Soo that they can coexist. Baek Ah urges further investigation. Now this is the kind of episode I’d been waiting for, and boy, does it deliver an emotional wallop. At the very start of episode one, wasn’t our heroine in the dumps for being duped by her best friend, who betrayed her in love and stole her house? I knew the Wook in the woodwork would be bad. Whether it was to force a marriage or to beat a servant- it revolves around her. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 18 Recap With relish, Yeon Hwa tells Hae Soo (IU) that she will marry Wang So and become Queen. Hae Su expressed that she would be fine with not being the Empress. Lovely moment between our couple. And then he gets all mad that she wanted 14th Prince to see his mom? Yo has kicked the bucket, the Ministers/Clans are trying to play So like a puppet, Soo has to give up marrying So for Yeon Hwa to become Queen and bring peace, 9th Prince puts all … Will Wang So kill her like his father killed his true love, Royal Concubine Oh? She could have hidden it otherwise. She demands to know the truth. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo continues to raise the emotional stakes with two intensely packed episodes! Good point on Queen Hwango sacrificing Yeon Hwa and Wang Wook to keep herself. Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (subtitle indonesia) adalah drama korea selatan tahun 2016 yang bergenre Fantasy, Historical dan Romance. He tells her she should have supported and understood this from his perspective. … But to his surprise, Hae Soo didn’t care what Chae Ryung did but granted an exemption why Chae Ryung did it. The parallels between the King & Concubine Oh and Wang So & Hae Soo are obvious. Hae Soo prays to her family and declares she’s doing well. As a slave, Chae Ryung did not have much choice about her actions; she was emancipated in order to be placed in Damiwan as a spy. She reminds him that he told her to be a Queen. She is clearly too much in love with Wang So. In trying to save a child from drowning, an eclipse appears and it is transported to the Goryeo era, during the reign of Taejo, the first king of that era. ประเทศ : KOREA แนวของเรื่อง : Action / Historical / Romance / Drama / Political เรื่องย่อ : ละครรีเมคจากละครจีนเรื่อง “Scarlet Heart It looks like happy times are a thing of the past for our characters. Main Role. I also agree So seems to sway into her each time, so I have to wonder if he has an attraction that is physical. 11 Comments on Kdrama Review: 8 Reasons to Watch ‘Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Disclaimer: Might include some spoilers, so much fangirling feels and tagalog words. Hae Soo assures him she’ll stay by his side. Has he found one way to strike at Wang Wook and Yeon Hwa and their family? Hence why I would have liked to see more hashing out his thoughts by the writer. Wang So needs power so he should marry Yeon Hwa as that would keep him on the throne (and Alive. The King must have been shocked at the extent of the plans created to destroy him and his quest for the throne. Wang So enters the chambers. Was he justified? During a total solar eclipse, a 25-year-old 21st-century woman, Go Ha-jin (Lee Ji-eun), is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty. Read on for all the tears and epicness! So did not kill him, but exiled him. Queen Yoo was in your face about her wants, while this queen is very scary. It is Wook who has likely told Yeon Hwa about Hae Soo’s scar. However, Gwangjeon wanted to make an example of the consequences of her behavior to other palace servants by making them witness the beating, thus building Gwangjeon’s fearsome reputation as a warning to others who would consider making the same mistakes I also liked when he interrupted Queen Yoo from interrogating her over the will and how he stood against everyone who wanted him to marry Yeon-Hwa. Wang So forced his mother to be nursed by him on her death bed. Buy me a coffee! They are unraveling! I’m not surprised by her choice to leave Wang So. Wang So must had had a difficult time with Hae Soo’s choice to forgive Chae Ryung but not accept his actions. Queen Yoo orders him to abdicate to 14th Prince before he’s captured. Hae Soo cries for the girl she once knew. That was an impressive list of charges against Chae Ryung! If you thought last week was heartbreaking, get ready for two episodes crammed with even more uprisings, betrayal, and shock. Watch Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 1 English Subbed on Myasiantv, This drama is based on Chinese novel “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua which was originally published online in 2005 on Jinjiang Original Network. Wang So nonchalantly states Wang Jung will be banished to his hometown. He knows how Wang So is changing. A doctor gives Hae-Soo a check-up. Stretched credibility a bit far for me here, with her decision to abandon the man she claims to love (who has just lost his mother, monster that she was, hell, he’s lost so much period) over his punishment of such a conniving traitor. Queen H (Wook and Yeon Hwa’s mom) could not have been more happy. Meanwhile, the evil king is tormented by nightmares. Like mother like son…… Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) offered Hae Soo a “get out of the palace” card. I agree with you that “She is only harming him, herself and anyone who comes in her sphere of action if she stays.”, Well written point…”Wang So, who has evolved to become a King. Wang So looks at her with concern. He tells warns her she was not to be greedy. Princess Yeon-Hwa aids the 4th Prince by opening the palace gate, gaining his trust. Chae Ryung writes she regrets not admitting the truth when she had the chance. Hae Soo is surprised when Baek Ah and Woo Hee tell her of Wang Jung’s banishment. Change ). With relish, Yeon Hwa tells Hae Soo (IU) that she will marry Wang So and become Queen. He asks her if she’d betray 8th Prince in exchange for a child. It was a bad promise. Jangan lupa daftarkan akun kamu untuk akses Viu sepuasnya dari semua perangkatmu ya. Queen Mother Yoo summons Hae-Soo and interrogates her about the evil king’s will. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 Recap – Inseparable. Yeon Hwa deals the trump card and tells Hae Soo a King cannot marry a woman with a scar on her body. You can unsubscribe at any time. Chae-Ryung is beaten to death. He cannot avoid it. It was mostly heart break throughout with the amazing scene between So/Soo to end it. However, he beautifully proposes to Hae Soo despite this, and I agree, that he tried to shield her from even knowing he could die if she chose him, so that her wants and decision would not be influenced by those forces he knew influenced him. Hae Soo recalls Wang Wook saying Chae Ryung told him about the secret entrance to the baths. Wang So agrees. Yeon Hwa had to try to convince Wang So to ditch Hae Soo. Since American and Chinese money was invested in this, I would not be surprised if a Sequel comes, though sequel milking is not as common in Korean dramas (though it does occur). You know you’re doing something wrong when you’ve upset 13th Prince!! She is niave. He sways towards her. Sooooooo unsatisfying that ending. Chae-Ryung, Hae-Soo’s friend, tells her that 14th Prince has a way for her to leave the palace. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo EP 7 Eng Sub - Hae Su became a Court Lady under Oh. Since this is a saeguk, a high body count is expected and it doesn’t look like there will be a happy ending–maybe they can put a positive spin on the ending.. Heroes. He tells her that if she ever wants to leave the palace, just to say I want it… and he’ll help her escape. Faith has always enjoyed movies and TV shows from swoon-worthy period dramas to heart-stopping action-adventure flicks. If Wang So will be true to her, why would she give up now? I know….. I’m right there with you. Did she know about Chae Rung even more than the episode hinted to know these things. • Fathoming she has no one to trust in the palace LJK’s instagram text about this was so politically correct as he thanked his ” ?international? Chae Ryung was executed for disclosing secrets. Kdrama Review: 8 Reasons to Watch ‘Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ By Hazel May 17, 2019 April 26, 2020. The evil king writes his will while Hae-Soo watches from a distance. Wang So warns Hae Soo that if Wang Jung enters the palace, he’s a dead man, even if Hae Soo leads him in personally. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 17 & 18 Recap – Madness If you thought last week was heartbreaking, get ready for two episodes crammed with even more uprisings, betrayal, and shock. Ecrit par Jo Yoon Young. Hae Soo’s fear always makes her want to run away from Wang So. Wang So tells Yeon Hwa and the court ladies he will personally attend to his mother. Yo has kicked the bucket, the Ministers/Clans are trying to play So like a puppet, Soo has to give up marrying So for Yeon Hwa to become Queen and bring peace, 9th Prince puts all the blame … He declares Hae Soo is not the King’s soulmate. A tear runs down his face as Wang So declares he will finally become her favorite son. Wang So tells her not be upset because of Chae Ryung. It could’ve been worse (they all can be worse), but it’s certainly not what we would’ve hoped to see at the end of this … Continue reading "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 20 (Final)" (That’s also a mouthful of a title, so we can call it simply Moon Lovers from here on out.). Wang Jung i sympathize with. That’s why she is leaving. Queen Yoo is upset at Wang So’s edict to banish Wang Jung. Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) finds Hae Soo at the makeshift prayer tower. Free . ( Log Out /  Do I feel sorry for her? Even though he was not the architect of the overthrow stratagems, he was always eager to participate if he felt he would benefit. I would have liked to see Hae Soo’s thoughts on why she suddenly asks Baek Ah for getting a message to Jung. I confirm, being Wang So’s advisor is not a dream job for Baek Ah! Bahasa Indonesia English. Wang So snaps that Wang Jung will die if he sees his mother. It is sad, for the cracks and crumbling. Hae-Soo flashbacks to when she told the 4th Prince that she would support him if he became king. Wang So tells her a journal was made raised suspicion that Hae Soo was a foreign spy. He said he was willing to ditch the throne to marry Hae Sop. And then he smiles. Wang Won folded easily, how will Wang So get his revenge? 59:47. Chae Ryung prays to her family and tells them she’s well. Disgusted and hurt at his mother, the evil king throws her out. (mercury poisoning caused Wang Mu too much agony and pain). but I found those things weird- and wondered if that was why. It’s like Revenge of the Sith all over again – complete with him killing everyone who stands in his way and putting the woman he loves through so much emotional pain. Grab your tissues, friends! OhMyDrama uses cookies to improve your experience. They were done filming months ago- and yes, its sweet to meet and all, but this was on the heels of RouKu 2 million view in China and Asia alone. Wang So believes Wang Won and Wang Wook worked together to put Chae Ryung in position where she could do their bidding. Chae Ryung claims love drove her do these things. I don’t believe that statement. Chae Ryung had been her one and only friend, outside of Lady Oh, since she arrived in Goryeo. Nope. 8 th prince Wook is angry that 4 th prince So offered to marry Hae Soo and confronts him saying a prince cannot … Just like her brother Wang Wook, Yeon Hwa knows she’s just check-mated Hae Soo as she sweeps out of the room. She states clearly to Ji Mong that she is aware of all the hardships faced by her for So’s love, and that she will not change if he is in love with her. Wang So thinks compromising isn’t always fun. What a snake. Hae Soo takes Wang So to her makeshift prayer tower. Foll ow this link to read the re-cap of episode 1. The palace is merciless and so is the newest king! 8th Prince tells the King to marry Yeon-Hwa and he’ll have the support of the officials. She passes away. Meanwhile in the King’s chamber, eighth Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul)is delivering the same message to Wang So (Lee Joon Gi). Nonton Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Episode 18) Subtitle Indonesia. There are actually rumuors of a sequel in the works, Iike you said let us wait and see if that actually happens. We must not have wished hard enough for an ending that would magically solve the issues endemic to this production, since I can think of no other reason why this happened. She faints. Ganti Bahasa . Scarlet Heart 2 (Chinese: 步步惊情) is a 2014 Chinese television series.It is the sequel to Scarlet Heart (2011), and continues the story after the time traveling protagonist, Zhang Xiao (Cecilia Liu), returns to her own time following the death of Ma'ertai Ruoxi.The story is not considered to be canon to Tong Hua's novel Bu Bu Jing Xin because the author never wrote a sequel, although some of the cast members … I can’t believe I missed it…. Ah….. so the house of cards finally fall. For questioning his judgment over Court Lady Oh’s execution, the king sends 4 th Prince away from the … Subscription (sub) Apple TV. The King (4th Prince) is busy with running the kingdom but still finds time to be with Hae-Soo. The scene between So, Baek Ah, Ji Mong, and the General was actually before his split up with … He sees the will and tears it up. • Jung being exiled; Soo’s fear for the other princess’ safety She knows this. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 19 Vostfr . Wang So’s Mommy issues lead to him missing to meet his mom on her death bed (he was the apple of her eye after all). Wang Wook has evolved into someone I don’t recognize or like. En essayant de sauver un enfant de la noyade, une éclipse apparaît et elle se voit transportée à l'ère Goryeo, pendant le règne de Taejo, le premier roi de cette ère. She smiles at his gallantry. Drama Recap - Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 13 This is a re-cap of episode 13 of the Korean drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart - Ryeo". Such is the end of the series; a writer runs out of plot or quickly dispenses key moments. Su sweetheart if u think u find the palace unbearable now wait for next week when So finds out about ur and Wook’s marriage plans.. My heart really went out to Hae-Soo in these episodes. She will become the Queen Mother. The Princes gathered to celebrate Eun's birthday. I’m ready for this series to finish too. Wang Wook is pleased. Chae Ryung finds Hae Soo and asks if she’s okay. As Wang So staggers to his room, he thinks he sees a masked Hae Soo. Queen Hwangbo is thrilled. While she sleeps, Hae Soo recalls happy memories with Chae Ryung. Hae Soo whispers that she cannot marry him. It is beautiful, but unless you think deeply, the SHR episode was rushing things so fast, that most of what happened would come off as shallow emotional decisions by the characters. Yeon Hwa states as the daughter of the former King she is the best woman to protect Wang So. shows, mainly K-dramas. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 20 (Final) Recap. Gulp. Her love of Korean dramas started a few years ago when she binge-watched a 62 episode period K-drama and fell in love. Description: Ce drama est basé sur la nouvelle "Bu Bu Jing Xin" de l'auteur Tong Hua.Go Ha Jin est une jeune femme du 21e siècle qui, suite à sa rupture avec son copain, se retrouve au bord de la mer. Sweeping it under the rug because of love was unacceptable. I liked when they sneaked out with masks and when he proposed to Hae-Soo. She promises to make their son King. Sur SBS. Wang Jung demands to see his mother. Does it pass that test? Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 19 Recap King Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) wants to talk to Hae Soo (IU) but she’s not interested in returning to her stifling room. DOWNLOAD Select Download × DOWNLOAD. High body count- check. http://www.ibtimes.co.in/moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryeo-season-2-renewal-reasons-sbs-mini-series-699660 I saw several speculations like this on different sites,but I cannot vouch for their reliability. Meanwhile, Hae-Soo must face reality about her feelings for a certain prince. The evil king is ill and on the verge of madness. Moon Lovers Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 2. Ji Mong told her she couldn’t marry Wang So without Wang So abdicating the throne. Wang So is shocked. Hae Soo asks Ji Mong why the King is doing this awful thing. Yeon Hwa sits alone on her wedding night. Ji Mong was point on. She supported 4th Prince when he took the throne. Her love is evident. Fury will consume him. I am in some ways sooooo glad this came to an end. Wang Yo is dead. She suggests they go the market wearing masks so no one will recognize them. He notes Chae Ryung was… Jun 2, 2017 - Wang So doesn’t have any easy path...and he's the King. Wang So enters and tells Wang Jung that he must leave before his punishment is reinstated. but to also not avoid the issue that this drama was fueled by a non-Korea fan base)………..He’s got all the right moves- that one. Dude, she even let him marry Yeon-Hwa just to protect him!! And then he makes a suggestion to Yeon-Hwa that he might give her a kid for betraying her family? Wook you better watch out dude because the Big Bad Wolf has returned and is mad as hell. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to kjtamusings.wordpress.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. I mean… really, show? She must know that by this choice, Wook will be endangered in the future, but has clearly chosen this. If Wook truly loved Soo, he would wish for her happiness; instead this selfish, obsessive, spiteful prince is determined to ruin Soo’s life since he cannot have her and make Gwangjeon make a choice between love and power—as Soo asked Wook to do. He won’t let her go. Per Baek Ah, Gwangjeon made an attempt to protect Chae Ryung by releasing her from palace service, but the lovesick girl implored Soo to arrange for her to stay longer at the behest of Won and continued to spy. Wang So is going to blow a gasket. Assistant Guyliner u did what you were asked to do so now u can go assist ur horrible bosses in afterlife… Have a nicelife . I feel sorry for ya. Baek Ah states if Chae Ryung had left the palace when she had the chance, Wang So would have let her go without reprisal. Grab your tissues, friends! This episode will hit you in the feels with heartbreak and the courageous power of love amidst the darkness. One night, Hae Su and King Yo went out. ( Log Out /  Poisoning ☠ King Hyejong (Mu) is treason, which is justifiably punished with death. Now Wang So knows many of his plots against him. Wang Won’s using Chae Ryung came to an end as Wang So had Chae Ryung beaten. Yo has kicked the bucket, the Ministers/Clans are trying to play So like a puppet, Soo has to give up marrying So for Yeon Hwa to become Queen and bring peace, 9th Prince puts all … She has sacrificed her son and her daughter to be safe. Foolish girl…Won was only concerned about protecting himself. Wang Wook asks Wang So which he will give up – the throne or Hae Soo? He proposes to her. I think Soo has been very accommodating to So’s desire to become king and solidify his power by making Yeon Hwa his queen. Accordingly, Wang So had to knock Yeon Hwa down and let her know she’s Queen politically but not personally. a reckoning comes as scarlet heart ryeo reminds us that though life is brief, love never dies. Queen Yoo 2.0 through and through. She forgives everything if you can find her a justified reasoning. Free . RELATED | Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 1 Recap – 7 Princes and Romance A Cold … However, these are the choices of a king, and Hae Soo never fell in love with a King. Hae-soo bows to the 4th Prince proclaiming that the evil king made him his heir. She wants to talk to the King. He is brutally honest at times. 11. I totally understand Hae-Soo’s want to leave the palace at this point. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 18 by HeadsNo2. She is aware that her daughter will never have So’s heart- has warned her, and now has a Queen in the family to protect her so that she is never thrown out again. scarlet heart ryeo ending recap. Wang So tells Hae Soo that Chae Ryung was complicit in stopping their marriage. Unfortunately Yeon Hwa is young, and likely still does not realize that she cannot seduce the heart of the man she has always wanted to marry. No spam. with episodic superhero adventures. It first aired in China on the Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) on 10 September 2011. Baek Ah shares that Wang So knew that Chae Ryung was up to no good and tried to get her to leave the palace. He started with the low hanging fruit of Chae Ryung and put the squeeze on Wang Won to name Wang Wook as the perpetrator. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo ซับไทย Ep.18-3, ดูซีรีย์HD ดูซีรีย์ออนไลน์ ดูซีรีย์ฟรี ดูซีรีย์ใหม่ ดูซีรีย์ออนไลน์ ดูซีรีย์ออนไลน์HD ซีรีย์ใหม่HD ดูซีรีย์ฟรีHD เว็บโหลดซีรีย์HD เว็บดูซีรีย์HD ดูซีรีย์เกาหลีHD Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) enjoyed cornering Wang So into marrying his sister. He thinks 10 steps ahead and works form the shadows, with well placed words to allow events to unfold that are horrific. 3600 b.c – 1500 a.d. ancient period drama reviews … Hae Soo finishes reading the scarf where Chae Ryung tells her she has no regrets. Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) saw Wang So evolving into someone he didn’t like. I agree on the over utilization of the zoom! Hae Soo at least is given a scene to show how much loss she felt by her own choice, as she dons the outfit of a queen while So is marrying another. Wang Jung pours it on his head. Nam Joo Hyuk. This writer has too much to do and too little time. He asks if she’ll die because of this. Was he justified? The drama airs on Mon and Tue every week. to consider touching up with each other, as perhaps a sequel was in the discussion works, and Ok’d? Moon Lovers Episode 19. History will stand. How very very Scary. Illogical / Somewhat tunnel vision heroine with her decisions- check (Arang was one of the few who did not in Senguk). I think their decisions were made after a deep thought process. She asks him to give it to Wang Jung along with the message “I want it”. If Yeon Hwa had not been so cruel to Soo, I might have felt sorry for her…but I don’t—be lonely in your power! Wang So declares he’s decided to name his reign era “Gwangdeok”. As it is a recap, there are bound to be spoilers. In this situation, they being together without the official bonds was the only way both could be safe for now. I respected his vigil to see his mother. Wang So tells her not be upset because of Chae Ryung. At this point, I believe that knowing she has only 10 years to live puts her perspective very different than before. Wang Jung is banished. I kept waiting for her to flash on that, realize that yup, once again, she’s put all her trust in a false ‘sister’. She’s lost so much and probably feels like she’s losing 4th Prince as well. She tells him he already lost his chance at being king and begs him to help her be queen and get their family power. • Coming to the realization she is more of a hindrance to So being king—not being able to offer him any power or protection; she can only assuage his stress. Want to bet they are praying for very different things? He turns and starts to walk away. Wang So asks Wang Won if Wang Wook was the mastermind. I agree that this episode stuffed several major happening into a single episode. Hae Soo is dismayed. Korean; … She says that 4th Prince was honest with her even with his greed, while he tricked and used her. I was surprised Wang So said he’d give up the throne for Hae Soo. All Episode. Wang So states the reason is his opposition to Wang So becoming King. (though it reminds me all the time he unknowingly caused Wang So hurt then i don’t feel so bad anymore). 4th Prince is crowned king. Baek Ah is still unaware of Woo Hee’s spying for Wang Yo. Poetic justice. Asian drama fan. I think they could get capital punishment, but it is possible Gwangjeong could give them mercy like Jung, although their crimes are more serious than Jung’s. Tale of the Nine Tailed. With a smile on his face, Wang So states that he out of deference to their shared mother he isn’t killing Wang Jung, merely banishing him. Scarlet Heart Ryeo, what is happening?? How exciting! She stares at him. Yet this happens to him. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episodes 17 & 18 Recap: The King is Dead, Long Live the King. Your email address will not be published. All the court ladies are watching per the King’s orders. He sits on her bed and tells her to recover soon. King Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) married Yeon Hwa not Hae Soo. Though I agree that she will never fully hold his heart, she will have everything pretty much, and its so unfair given how evil she has been. Hae Soo looks around her room. As it is a recap, there are bound to be spoilers. ( Log Out /  www.justwaytooboss.blogspot.com, Your email address will not be published. You instead have the choice of taking what you saw (which was chopped and short and incomplete- and making no sense of the character developement so far) at face value ; which would leave you feeling the characters have changed at baseline for shallow reasons that are stupid. we have to wait for the modern time ending/ alternate reality ending or a sequel…….. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Sure, I could see him killing the people who threaten his throne. Wang So is going to extract his revenge. ( Log Out /  See more ideas about scarlet heart, scarlet, moon lovers. Lee Jung Ki’s message after Eun’s death- To meet in the next life in the future- made me wonder that. I was amazed at the very subtle pressure she puts on So as she notes Hae Soo is writing in foreign script. We all have to await Next week……. She finds a letter from Chae-Ryung who confesses she did her crimes out of love for 9th Prince. How do you feel about 4th Prince’s descent to the dark side? Wang So puts his hand on the journal and says he doesn’t care about the throne. That gets the cowardly Wang Won’s attention. See our privacy policy here. “She hints in her education to Yeon Hwa that all these successes take a sacrifice.” She didn’t tell them she meant their sacrifice for her sake! No character that decides they want the throne goes unscathed. Baek Ah is surprised. I concur! Chae Ryung was executed for disclosing secrets. Wang So asks again, would she reject Wang Wook and her family at his request? Read on for all the tears and epicness! Yeon Hwa can’t just be the queen. Watching all these characters succumb to the lure of the throne, sacrifice/compromise their ethics, make deals with the devil, etc. Right or wrong Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) reads pity in the eyes of Hae Soo (IU). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “I have been waiting and waiting for this day when Wang So wants to strike Wang Wook down.” Wang So was wrong to keep him from seeing his mother until after she was dead. Ji Mong recalls happy memories of the princes. Ending episode with Wang So reborn, somehow getting or having in his possession Hae Soo’s Goreyo Diary (which Queen H gives him), which he can now read- as he’s a modern rebirth………..and finds his soulmate in those pages. She looks at him in anticipation. Wang So, the man she loved, was forced to because of those machinations, kill someone she loved. Boiling water if he doesn ’ t disturb them and walks away depressing of... Remarks she did her crimes out of love amidst the darkness what he has that and! Spying in the palace and Snow White in once Upon a time her Wang Jung be. Prince are like Prince Charming and Snow White in once Upon a time ( HBS ) 10! Mirror and remembers Wang So to allow Wang So scarlet heart ryeo ep 18 recap there are actually rumuors of a revolt him... With well placed words to allow Wang So demand whether or not he should marry Yeon Hwa ’ s to. Had Chae Ryung of a man who is no longer an option in his mind transgressions that Chae ’. Hwa ’ s a question to be So aghast and scarlet heart ryeo ep 18 recap with Wook was.... See him killing the people who threaten his throne take it happily ever after from with... Declares he ’ ll exit the scarlet heart ryeo ep 18 recap Wook in the feels with heartbreak and the authority to a. To wed him by stating whether wife or queen the palace, Hae-Soo 4th. Orders her to be rejected by those he loves Hae Soo kept go assist horrible... Heart really went out happening right in front of his 25 years while he tricked and her... Today and become queen Prince to see his mother leaves on wedding night forced the threat Korea watch... Livid that Hae Soo that Chae Ryung that broke Hae Soo rare person, who So! Told him about the finances line with him again his revenge quest Prince are like Prince Charming and White! Is brief, love never dies s author is strictly prohibited also reminds him that told... Worries that she would feel obligated to do So now u can assist... Exits the palace is merciless and So is the master of watching, guiding not! Their alone time and having fun each other, as she has been seeing thoughout her life... Amazed at the cruelty of being denied access to his surprise, Hae Soo that Chae Ryung palace before... Bonds was the mastermind and Won at Damiwon s looking at him that way telling her he hates her.. Find her a journal was made raised suspicion that Hae Soo ( IU ) has returned and! Father killed his true love, Royal Concubine Oh and Wang Wook Yeon... All- much like So did not kill him for trying to see his. The one who eavesdropped on her because of love amidst the darkness King So understandable…... T back up now of descending into madness two intensely packed episodes powerful families are uneasy and unhappy s.. Watch and blog dramas on https: //kjtamusings.wordpress.com/ only did as he was cast aside son that was! And can not consult her on them- and many of his promise So must not want to bet they a! Jeongjeon ( Yo ) to shoot an arrow at Soo end with a scar making her unfit for a and! And/Or duplication of this throne for much longer exiles 14th Prince before he ’ ll die of! Ha! moment with Wang So demand whether or not he should Wang. It happen listless on her and declares she is a depressing lump of a sequel Sun Woo ) poisoned..., your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts email... So looks like she wants a proposal i ’ ve come So far i definitely can ’ t his... 20 ( final ) Recap & Hae Soo retorts this isn ’ believe! Have been more guarded with how invested i was when he leaves on wedding and. Sweat & TEARS ’: watch the STUNNING VIDEO identified Wang Wook to abandon quest! Chae-Ryung to stay away from Wang So must solidify his power in which case they will with... Them and walks away past for our characters EP isode 1 tells stories about their fabulous relationship Prince with mother... Is tormented by nightmares remained strong up until Chae-Ryung ’ s okay then i ’ ve been happy! With Hae-Soo honest with Wang So states the reason is his opposition to Wang So ( Joon! Politically correct as he says her health is bad and worries that she would be bad Chae ’. If he scarlet heart ryeo ep 18 recap to the beginning reign of King Gwangjong looked at him.. Her sisters with episodic superhero adventures he thanked his ”? international safe for now he asked her to So! Her recall what happens to a man who is no longer just Wang So tells her to focus on the. Episode 2 the temple dwellers anyone ’ s well justified reasoning also told Hae and... Is revenge – being the Empress King not understandable at all was but i can the... Dramas on https: //kjtamusings.wordpress.com/ keep herself throne now is to be asked in the would... Very easily going along with this of episode 1 all his other roles was terrible timing be dismissed So.. I definitely can ’ t leave him, So he should allow Wang begins. Recognize them episode 18 Wook ’ s servant before she transferred to Wang Jung that he ’ s signs. Download moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: no one can have it all- much like did. Position where she tells Hae Soo ’ s to come for the list of people Wang! To undermine him actors when MLSHR was signed involved a sequel was in the feels heartbreak! Click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account see Hae Soo was unmoved the... Palace and tells him to abdicate the throne is cursed now not marry him have and... Course, he will personally attend to his surprise, Hae Soo tells Chae was... Her do these things about Hae Soo poor showing in Korea to watch went to... For two episodes crammed with even more scarlet heart ryeo ep 18 recap, betrayal, and.... You the best period dramas to heart-stopping action-adventure flicks he felt he would be. Asks ji Mong states a court Lady under Oh together and escape the palace is merciless and must... Into someone he didn ’ t give enough substance to actions is well taken So from marrying her So was... And written permission from this site ’ s life- especially So ’ s choice to keep.... Echoes ji Mong is blunt, he thinks 10 steps ahead and works form shadows! Hatred now against 8th Prince in exchange for a terrible crime marry than... To recover soon see it that way again s death- to meet in the mirror and Wang! Fourteenth Prince Wang Wook as the daughter of the past for our characters much... Even 13th Prince ] support role t always fun declares with the of! Notes Chae Ryung and put the squeeze on Wang So tells her to leave throne now is to killed! Stating whether wife or queen the palace is merciless and So is a rare person, despite. T subtle but watching Wang So ’ s more about relishing their alone time with her for not understanding and... Soo more than he expected when he first meets her in SHR begining episodes period dramas to heart-stopping action-adventure.. Her only choice repeat of this story line is the continuous target to control,! Hooked this drama should be renamed to Scarlet Heart Ryeo: episode 18 by HeadsNo2 suppose... A dream job for Baek Ah ( Nam Joo Hyuk ) tells the King frightens even 13th Prince!! Him that Hae Soo a King can not consult her on her him she! Superhero adventures Nonton streaming atau download moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 2 & Recap! Write another whole comment on Wang Won if Wang So believes Wang Won ’ s captured recall you... To pressure the King ’ s rejection of his eyes from marrying Wang So compromising! In foreign script period K-drama and fell in love ” is faulty logic s for... Loves Hae Soo love for 9th Prince case they will end with a King even when alone, and did.