So I received my Cintiq Pro 13 a few days ago and set it up with the included Wacom Link adapter since my PC doesn't have a USB C port. hey ich habe mir das Grafiktablet zugelegt und möchte endlich darauf zeichnen aber er schreibt mir immer no signal input und ich weiß nicht wie ich das wegbekomme, habt ihr einen rat ? If the monitor works for a while, then stops working and displays the "No input signal" message, the monitor or computer may be overheating. I bought a mini display port to HDMI adapter to connect the link to my PC.

In the event of the monitor overheats, it stops working to prevent further damage. Checked the Device Manager and the display has been "updated" back to Radeon 6570. usually thats the last thing on the install. Hey mein Wacom Clinq 13 HD schreibt mir beim Anzeigen no signal input? Surface pro 'no signal' on Cintiq 22hd Ok my setup is fairly complex (for me at least)I have a i7 Surface pro and have used with a Cintiq 12wx in the past, I have a surface dock, but usually use a adapter (cable matters,active) to go from the cintiqs DVI to mini display port on the Surface. The first display looked a bit distorted (it had higher resolution than the Cintiq) but I could live with that. If the computer overheats, the computer may stop sending a signal to the monitor, and may also shut down to prevent further damage to the computer hardware. Hi ! Cintiq display problems. Tech Support. Well at least I got my Cintiq back and now I could work. Did it do something like that after the install? After a few minutes the screen flickered, and I lost the second screen again(no signal). When I set it up, I got no signal on the display of the tablet. Usually when you install the tablet and go through the install it will prompt you to the wacom tablet properties to calibrate the pen when you 1st hit the pen on the tablet. isabelleArne 2017-02-28 16:21:48 UTC #1.