Some people get bored because they have nothing to do. 犯錯的原因是中文裡講「痛」,是形容詞,是有程度的;但hurt在英文裡則是「動詞」,是一種動作、狀態。相對於中文,英文比較嚴謹,「我很痛」,到底是哪裡痛,要把痛的部位說出來: My head hurts.我的頭很痛。 (彼は子供たちと遊んでいるととても幸せだ) (ジーニアス英和辞典【第4版】feel [SVC] p. 724 より)

對伴侶表示讚賞的形容詞不少,以下列出16個主要範例與你分享: 1、Affectionate 情深、深愛. Do you feel sad when life isn't challenging enough? Bored? Everyone from factory workers to pilots experience a feeling of boredom: feeling unhappy and uninterested in what they are doing. (X) 1. I feel hurt. My head hurts. You're not alone. <feel+形容詞(+―ing)>:「(―していると)~な感じがする」のような意味になるでしょうか。 He feels happy playing with children. Thank you for being “affectionate” all the time, I feel so loved! (X) I am hurt. But is it always a negative emotion or can it push you to do something different?